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The Pesticide Safe Bristol Alliance is dedicated to enabling a healthy outdoors environment for all who live, work and play in Bristol. Pesticides are powerful chemicals used to keep unwanted plant and animal populations under control. The very properties that make them good at killing pests means they can be hazardous to the health of other wildlife and humans too.

Hundreds of towns and cities in Europe and North America have already taken action to reduce or eliminate their pesticide use. Nonetheless the average British city is still sprayed with large volumes of pesticides every year, the majority of it applied by local authorities in the form of weed killers including glyphosate – a best-selling herbicide linked to cancer.

Our Alliance raises awareness of the risks associated with urban pesticide use, especially in and around high footfall areas such as pavements, parks and play grounds. We exist to facilitate safer methods of pest control, with the aim of Bristol becoming the UK’s first ‘pesticide-free’ city and fulfilling its legacy as European Green Capital 2015.