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Pledge to make your outdoor space a pesticide free zone  

The Pesticide Safe Bristol Alliance is calling for an end to the routine use of pesticides in Bristol – ensuring a healthy outdoor space for all who live, work and play in our city.

Pesticides are powerful chemicals used to keep unwanted plant and animal populations under control. The very properties that make them good at killing pests means they can be hazardous to the health of other wildlife and humans too.

We have launched a new campaign urging households to pledge their land pesticide free – take the pledge!

Like many cities around the world, Bristol uses large volumes of pesticides each year, mostly in the form of weed killers. The mix of chemicals used include glyphosate – a best-selling herbicide linked to cancer.

Most of these chemicals are sprayed in high footfall public areas such as pavements, parks and playgrounds – posing significant health risks to local citizens. Children are particularly susceptible to the health impacts of pesticide exposure.

In the light of growing global concern around the environmental and health implications of pesticide use, we are calling on Bristol City Council and local land-managers to cut back on spraying, and to phase out some of the most dangerous chemicals completely.

Many towns and cities in Europe and the US have taken steps to reduce pesticide use. However, despite its proud status as European Green Capital 2015, Bristol continues to use pesticides which threaten the health of local citizens and the natural environment.

Support our campaign, and help to make Bristol the UK’s first pesticide free city