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Get involved

We’d love you to get involved and support our work to make Bristol the UK’s first pesticide free city. Here’s a few ideas:

  1. Take our Pesticide Free Zone pledge below

  2. Ask your local schools, health centres and others to do the same 

  3. Contact your Councillor and encourage them to support our policy asks


Help us to send a clear signal to the council – declare your outdoor space pesticide free!

By switching to non-chemical methods of weed control, or by showing that your space is already pesticide free, you can help us to demonstrate the strength of public feeling on this issue – and prompt similar commitments from land managers and the council.

Gardens, allotments, window boxes and driveways – whatever your outdoor space, sign the declaration below, and contribute to the growing network of pesticide free zones in Bristol:


“As a citizen of Bristol, I acknowledge that:

  • Pesticides are hazardous to health and the environment
  • Beautiful and functional urban landscapes can be maintained through organic methods of pest control
  • Bristol can and should follow hundreds of cities in Europe and the US – and significantly curb pesticide use

To the best of my ability, I pledge to manage my outdoors space without pesticides, especially those associated with impacts on human health and wildlife populations. When I need to control weeds and wee beasties I will seek to use non-toxic and least-toxic alternatives.”