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Declare your garden a Pesticide-Free Zone today

How does your garden grow? If you’ve called time on toxic weed killers like glyphosate (marketed as RoundUp and Resolva among other brands) and dicamba (found in many lawn care products), tell us about it below. 

Every garden, allotment and driveway managed without pesticides helps make our city a safer place for people, pets and wildlife. Your pledge sends a signal that Bristol households want these harmful chemicals phased out – helping to prompt similar commitments from the Council and other major land managers.


“As a citizen of Bristol, I acknowledge that:

  • Pesticides are hazardous to health and the environment,
  • Urban landscapes can be maintained through organic methods of pest control,
  • Bristol can and should curb pesticide use in private and public spaces – its already been done in hundreds of cities elsewhere 

To the best of my ability, I pledge to manage my outdoors space entirely without herbicides (weed killers). When I need to control weeds I will seek to use non-toxic and least-toxic alternatives.

I also pledge to minimise the use of other pesticides in my outdoors space, including slug pellets and insecticides.

I pledge to take any unused pesticides to a local tip/recycling site equipped to dispose of hazardous household waste.