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Our campaign asks

Our aim is to end the routine use of pesticides in Bristol’s public spaces.

We are calling on the council to adopt a pesticides policy which protects local citizens and the environment, specifically;

  • To reduce urban pesticide use in all areas under its control
  • To eliminate some of the most hazardous pesticides altogether (starting with glyphosate)
  • To define a strict ‘last resort’ policy for pesticide use – whereby pesticide is applied where it is genuinely the ONLY option (i.e. in the control of aggressive invasive species like Japanese knotweed)

In addition to these measures, we are asking the council to:

  • Adopt sustainable methods of pest control, using recognised organic techniques as standard
  • Publish full annual data on pesticide use by the Council and its contractors
  • Provide clear public notices about spraying in the case of ‘last resort’ use
  • Ensure proper safety for employees and contractors using pesticides

Declare your outdoor space pesticide free, and help us to show support for safe, sustainable weed control: