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Statement to Council: Green High Kingsdown

As submitted to Council debate on glyphosate

January 2019. I am Karen Sillence, I lead the community gardening project Green High Kingsdown.

In 2016 we asked the council to stop spraying glyphosate on our lanes; we wanted High Kingsdown housing estate to be wildlife friendly. We didn’t want hazardous chemicals sprayed near to our front doors.

Since that time we have been doing community weeding sessions, which has been a great way to get to know neighbours. Most lanes have been worked on throughout the year and tall or particularly troublesome species removed more urgently.

In the last 6-12 months, while weeding, we have noticed a dramatic increase in worms. We are very excited about this – more insects, more worms mean more capacity for birds, maybe even hedgehogs?

I’m against glyphosate for lots of reasons from it’s disruption of ecosystems to it’s morally bankrupt owners.

Glyphosate has no place in Bristol. We don’t need it, we shouldn’t use it. We have to regenerate nature. We should stop using glyphosate now.