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Statement to Council: Bee The Change

As submitted to Council debate on glyphosate

15th January. This statement is submitted on behalf of Heather Moore from Bee the Change, a member of the Pesticide Safe Bristol Alliance (PSBA).

Heather’s Statement:

In June 2016, a non-council member was allowed to use Round-up (Glyphosate) on a Japanese Knotneed plant identified in Sneyde Park Nature Reserve, where Bee the Change had two beehives. The round-up was applied by this volunteer, which was positioned between the two hives, within approxominatly 25cm of each hive. No warning was given by the volunteer, which would have allowed BTC to move the hives. Within one month, both beehives had died. All eight other hives around Bristol were fine.

Although this example is anecdotal and not absolute in being able to prove the case, it also highlights untrained people are being allowed to manage chemicals in natural reserves in Bristol. The volunteer has been managing this nature reserve for many years in this respect, as he said the council were not able to keep up with the demands of the land. If this volunteer was at least trained, he would have known how toxic these chemicals were to bees, and would have known to give the beekeeper notice.

This example highlights potentially how toxic this chemical is, and how incompetently parts of Bristol council land are being managed in terms of glyphosate.