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Alliance questions on BCC’s report of glyphosate-free trial

[As submitted to 24 April meeting of Neighbourhoods Scrutiny Commission, ]

Regarding the report on the Cotham trial for glyphosate-free weed treatment:

  1. We welcome the news that parks and green spaces within the existing trial area will be managed without glyphosate in 2017/18 (by the Parks service). Can BCC confirm if this extends to other areas within the trial zone as well? (Especially those under the management of Bristol Waste Company)
  2. How will the recommended mapping of priority areas and features for weed treatment be achieved? Who will carry this mapping out? Who will review it? What criteria will be used to decide if glyphosate use can be reduced?
  3. Will the Council consider setting up a multi-stakeholder task force to carry out this review? (Comprising, for instance, representatives of business and community groups, alongside other major land managers such as universities)
  4. Are specialist weed control companies really as resistant to providing glyphosate alternatives as the report suggests? Assuming that local authorities form an important part of such companies’ customer base, is it not possible for BCC (maybe working alongside other Councils) to make the case for supplying alternatives?


Regarding public disclosure upon ongoing glyphosate use:

  1. Will the Council commit to making full information available to the public regards applications of glyphosate and other pesticides? (For instance, publishing the spray schedule online, and the use of on-street signage)
  2. Leading on from this, will the Council commit to publishing an annual summary of its pesticide use, including glyphosate? (As we understand it, there is a legal requirement for records to be kept on all applications of such substances, so presumably this info is easily at hand)