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  • Motion submitted to Bristol City Council by: Cllr Antony Negus, Liberal Democrats, Cotham Ward Council notes: • there is an increasing body of evidence concerning the dangers of unrestricted use of glyphosate. This is often referred to as a pesticide …
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  • Pesticide Free Primer–Why should Councillors care?

    What’s the problem with pesticides? Glyphosate (marketed as RoundUp and other brands) is the world’s best-selling weed killer, whose use in densely populated areas is being challenged after the World Health Organisation identified it as a ‘probable carcinogen’ in 2015. …
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  • Petition debate introduction: Pesticide Safe Bristol Alliance

    I'm delighted to be here today to present our petition for a city-wide ban on the use of glyphosate weed killers like RoundUp, and discuss how we can action the Mayor’s manifesto commitment to stop using harmful pesticides. I’m here …
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  • Statement to Council: Green High Kingsdown

    January 2019. I am Karen Sillence, I lead the community gardening project Green High Kingsdown. In 2016 we asked the council to stop spraying glyphosate on our lanes; we wanted High Kingsdown housing estate to be wildlife friendly. We didn’t …
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  • Statement to Council: Bee The Change

    15th January. This statement is submitted on behalf of Heather Moore from Bee the Change, a member of the Pesticide Safe Bristol Alliance (PSBA). Heather’s Statement: In June 2016, a non-council member was allowed to use Round-up (Glyphosate) on a …
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