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Get involved

There are things we can all be doing to reduce urban pesticide use. You could consider declaring your garden or workplace as a Pesticide-Free Zone. Our member organisations can supply inspiration and information on how to keep weeds under control without using herbicides like glyphosate (the active ingredient in most off-the-shelf weed killers, including RoundUp).

You could spread the word about this campaign, by asking schools, health centres and other organisations in your neighbourhood to take our Pesticide-Free Pledge.

And you could write to your MP and Councillors, asking them to support the Alliance’s policy asks of Bristol City Council.


* Urgent action alert * Ask your local Councillors to support a pesticide-free Bristol. As the Council reviews its pesticide policies, now is the time to ask our elected politicians to support a decisive step away from old-fashioned chemical sprays, towards a future of non-toxic weed control. Find your Councillor here and ping them our template letter (please let us know how you get on Рvia our Facebook page or contact form)

Template letter – ask schools, surgeries or businesses in your area to take our Pesticide Safe Pledge

Please check back for other actions and resources.